Ultimate cars app UI/UX

The ultimate place for car enthusiasts.

Ultimate cars is a dream place for every true car admirer . Top-notch platform. The biggest base of old-timers. Detailed descriptions of all attractive models. Sounds great, right?

Of course, it is. There was only one thing missing to complete the user experience. Ultimate cars page was only available on desktop computers which left all car fans without an option to access the platform from the mobile device.



The main challenge was to create an app that will preserve the site functionality, but also bring another user-friendly solution. 
Desktop non-responsive experience should have been packed to fit the mobile format, while the app is supposed to keep important features and enhance the UX and UI.

mobile app user flow


Creating a functional app would improve and complete the overall Ultimate cars experience. The first step was to simplify the „browsing cars“ option and make it easier to use. Car brands were carefully organized by countries with a focus on most popular and recently edited vehicles.
Petya created additional options which allowed user to quickly choose a model by type, a decade or to pick one from the favourites list.



The site content was scaled and the navigation was significantly improved to facilitate website search. Basic app navigation is handled by one single button. Long press leads to the browsing screen, while click leads to a quickly accessible homepage that contains the most important categories and lets users filter top car models by decades, relevant brands and countries…
Quick navigation remained available from every page, while the content stayed undisturbed by additional, unnecessary details. Ultimatecars got a new remarkable visual appearance that real car enthusiasts easily related to.
Finally, with nothing else missing, Ultimate cars ride was ready to go!






Interface design