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BetFriends is a brand new app designed to fit everybody’s needs.

We made a real small revolution in the betting apps world. Thanks to BF Custom feature everybody can create a game and invite friends to join. Betting on anything finally became possible!
Our app represents a carefully made balance between new Custom and previous old-fashioned betting. BetEvents and Challenges, two other BF game types, allow you to create a game picking from a list of various sports events or to participate in one of our predefined challenges.
It’s up to you whether you’re going to join the challenge or create a game according to your desire!


We aim to push the boundaries of sport betting.
Our mission is to provide users with a unique competition experience that would offer more opportunities and give an outstanding possibility to interact with real friends.


BetFriends is not just about betting. It’s about fair play. We encourage people to be imaginative and competitive. To create new games. To compare their betting scores with results of the other users. Our idea goes beyond the ordinary concept of winning. Instead of favouring users who accurately predict all game outcomes, we use ranking and reward the best contesters!


We know that key to user happiness lies in the balance. That’s why BF app offers ready-made challenges, but also leaves the possibility of creating custom games.
This combination, as we believe, makes a perfect user-friendly surrounding.


BetFriends Custom feature allows the user to define his own game, add possible outcomes and invite friends to measure strength! Now you can create a game for any official event or bet on anything you imagine.


With BetEvents users can easily pick from a list of various sport events and design a game according to their preferences. This feature allows you to invite friends into closed groups.


By accepting one of our predefined challenges made from real sport events, you start competing with other users on the network! Set game predictions, track outcomes and contest with top players on the platform.
The main strength of BF Custom feature is the user’s ability to choose opponents and create a game designed by his specific desire. Custom game type requires some additional time spent in the app since the user has to define the game, add possible outcomes and finally provide results, which makes the learning path a bit longer.
BetEvents option provides an optimal user flow. While the possibility of creating games still exists, the user keeps the ability to pick real sport events, which makes game speed more dynamic.
Game launching requires other users to accept an invite, which eventually may lead to games failure.
While Challenges are restricted when it comes to choosing opponents, they have the most practical user flow, with the highest game speed and easiest learning path. Thanks to the fact that BF offers a predefined challenge, the possibility of game failure is minimised.


BetFriends connect you with the users on the network.
No need to waste time on selecting a friend each time you start a new game. Invite your friend into a closed group and keep them gathered in one place.


Our detailed market analysis, which is the result of user tests and questionnaires, helped us to form an adjustable game-play, interesting to all fans of sports betting.
Availability in all markets unrestricted by sport betting legal regulation provides a great player network. As a result, partners from the betting industry get the opportunity to sponsor the project and advertise themselves through the BetFriends app.

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