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“Tesla” is a young, hot and modern Serbian brand focused on technology and innovation.

Company name, inspired by one of the greatest scientists ever – Nikola Tesla, helped Petya to find the perfect solution for Tesla’s visual identity, but also brand to stand out on the market and make a real difference in a world of technology.


The task was to create a new visual identity for the company, which will make a lasting impression on everyone. Design supposed to be brave, smart, and different. The logo also had to show the connection between the brand itself and the figure of Nikola Tesla. The real challenge was to create unique and simple, but yet a meaningful graphic solution that will, with no words, tell a real story.


One of the greatest stories about Tesla’s uncommon life was the one about the white dove that came upon his window every morning. Not only that scientist had a great love for humanity, but also the birds that for him represented freedom, love and kindness. Petya used this deep and meaningful relationship to create a logotype inspired by a white dove. These simple and robust graphics represent the connection with the company’s name but also remind of deep, limitless and eternal Tesla’s universe.


The brand’s previous logo has been used as a base ground. The goal was to create a more dynamic, modern, and impressionable design. Definition of other elements, such as colores, pictograms and typography gave the basis for Tesla’s visual identity. With a new graphics solution, this company found its place in the sky of Tesla’s stars.
Tesla visual identity - Nikola Tesla about birds
Tesla visual identity - logotype construction
Tesla visual identity - guidelines
Tesla visual identity - iconography, icons, pictograms, guidelines
Tesla visual identity - typography
Tesla visual identity - TV
Tesla visual identity - smartphone
Tesla visual identity - smartphone


The result was a clear and strong branding concept that breaks down boundaries. Bright colors were perfectly matched with the combination of rough shapes and gentle form.


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