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In the world of design, everything is possible.
Creating. Imagining. Pushing the limits of

I am Predrag Vidović (Petya), Belgrade based graphic designer specialized in branding and UI/UX. More than ten years of experience taught me that good design comes from three important things: heart, constant progress and power of imagination.

Digital Product design

Putting heart in everything digital

Great design is the one that wins people’s hearts and minds straight away. If you want to come up with the original website, mobile app, or just improve your product, you need to glow on the web.
I aim to understand the needs of my customers, to share their vision and passions, believing that working together is crucial for successful cooperation and improvement of business goals.
Inspired by your special stories, I create long-lasting designs that are always flexible, easy to maintain and take care of end-user needs.

UX/UI Digital product review

Competitor Analysis

Prototyping & Wireframing

Interface design

Design Systems & UI Kits

User flows & Journey maps

Interactions (Micro animations, Gestures)


In a world full of voices, find your own

Recognizable product appearance allows you to create a strong relationship with your clients.
No matter If you are a fresh enthusiastic start-up company, or business with a history of success, setting standards of visual identity will help in providing online and offline communication with your clients, as well in building strong and recognizable market presence.

Visual identity

Brand book

Art direction


Looking for an expert?

More than 8 years of experience in the Sport Betting and Gambling industry allowed me to become an expert in this field. During this time I’ve worked on designing new projects and establishing new teams and processes in both Product and Marketing departments.

Visual identity

User research

Design team management

UX Consulting

Bringing value

„Simplicity is key to brilliance.“

I’ve always been very analytic, crazy about data and information, curious to see and explore new things. As the design is supposed to sell, not only impress individual, in my work I tend to be detailed, but yet minimalistic.
Complicating the learning path can often distract users from important things, and my goal is to always keep the design simple, so it can be understandable and approachable for both potential and existing users.

Understanding problems

Before getting to work, I always pay attention to both customers and market requests. Discussing problems is the perfect way to find solutions.

Identifying spots for improvements

Finding and improving weak spots means taking part in future success.

Defining goals

Setting goals is the first important step in creating original and clever design that will beat every competition.

Wanna work together

Let’s take that challenge.

Inspired by your special stories, I am always happy to work with new brands and products that need assistance or with companies that want to refresh and improve their existing products.
If you would like to discuss your next project or collaboration, feel free to drop an email.

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