Lumena app

Catch the light 
as bright as it is

Using an analog film camera can be challenging due to its manual process, coupled with unreliable in-camera light metering, which may slow down shooting or even ruin some of your photos.

Pairing users’ live view with modular metering can also enhance modern digital camera sessions and provide flexible and precise information.
Simplifying three main settings that correlate with each other was the goal in order to create the best-in-pocket light meter.

Easy to use, 
quickly adjusted

The app utilizes a single screen where all selected settings are visible, with options to change them available on click.
The highlighted element on the app represents the calculated value for the selected settings, which can be switched between aperture, speed, or iso.
The other two non-selected settings can be adjusted by moving them left and right in defined steps, providing values for the highlighted setting.
The single-screen app has limited space to communicate everything, but when simplified, it can become flexible for use with well-communicated and easily adjustable settings. Additionally, to enhance flexibility, the UI is adaptable for landscape shots and left-hand users when the screen is rotated, with an option to switch sides for the position of settings.


Each of the main settings correlates in steps defined separately. These steps range between one-third, half, and full stop increments.

Metering method

The spot meter, which is used by moving it around the frame to provide values for that specific position, can be switched to average metering for the entire scene.

Crop factor

For more precise spot metering, the crop factor is adjusted on a click, displaying a zoomed photo.

Frame ratio

To match the metering frame format with the camera’s film size (or sensor), proportions are adjusted from the top right corner to create a scene similar to the one in the camera’s viewfinder.

Exposure indicator

Exposure indicator on bottom part of the screen tells by how much calculated settings differs from shown number. Together with visually presented indicator for exposure, number is shown as well next to preferred main option (in tenths)


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