BeerApp ui/ux


All the best beers. One single app. Ultimate design.

Delicious. Craft. Foamy. You don’t need many adjectives to describe beer. Just one ultimate feeling.
Beerapp is a smartphone app that lets you experience thousands of feelings with few clicks. This extraordinary app contains a universal base of all best worlds beers, with following descriptions, ratings and comments from top beer drinkers across the globe.



Petya had to come up with an original app design that will perfectly combine effective UX and well-design UI. This project also included a set of pictograms and development of visual identity.
Beerapp logo had to associate on beer, while certain in-app animations were supposed to simulate beer fluid movement. The major goal was to create a clear and simple app that will provide the best user experience and bring joy to all beer admires.


Project started with creating a remarkable white logotype consisting of letter B, whose inner side reminds of the beer opener, while the logos outside awakes memory of fresh and tasty beer foam.
The color of straw with barleycorn silhouette on logotype background instantly evoke fresh beer taste that is hard to forget.
Beer App logo sketch



The final result is a modern and functional app that allows everyone to search “beer base” using a lot of criteria in just a few clicks.
Quick to use UX and outstanding visual design helped all beer lovers to get real knowledge about their favourite drink. Users can easily access details and information about each selected beer, share their opinion with other users by commenting and rating, or easily explore beers available on their location.
There might be nothing better than beer, but Beerapp is pretty much close to it!



Visual identity
Prototyping & Wireframing
Interface design