Fi du pso campaign

“Ne laissons pas le psoriasis s’installer entre vous”.
Psoriasis is a skin-incurable disease. It is non-transmissible, but it is often very noticeable.

The idea behind the whole project was to raise awareness about this disease in a creative way among the general public. Bearing in mind that people often discriminate persons affected by psoriasis, this campaign had to target this problem by sending strong, powerful and catchy messages and placing them on different public spots in order to create a buzz.

This campaign included Guerilla promotions, and their goal was to make a strong impression on people about this topic by placing the campaign slogan “Don’t let psoriasis to stand between us” in the center of attention. That was achieved by branding “hot” points and most visited spots in the city: from benches in public parks and numerous elevators, to CDs and advertising bags.


Graphic design