Petya is about design.

The website showcases digital & print work of Predrag Vidović, Belgrade based graphic designer specialized in branding, package design, and UI.

Since finishing his Graphic design studies at Metropolitan University (in Belgrade) in 2010 he have been working as a designer. He amassed experience in few different fields, from photography, 3D, web design, graphic design. After completing internship in Lamtar agency, he worked in several different in-house creative teams and design studios, as well as being a part of design duo at Muffin Studio.

Handling projects of varying scales, no matter if the focus is a small startup or a big company.

Visual identities, brand guidelines, signage, app design, art direction


“There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.” – Massimo Vignelli.

Every project is different, but there is some approach that has been proven.










I am always looking for new brands and products that need assistance in starting or help in refreshing existing ones. If you would like to discuss your new project or collaboration feel free to drop an email.

Thanks in advance for spending time in preparing comprehensive brief. Please include budget (or budget range) and deadline in your job inquiry.

*Free pitches
There is not enough time for non payed presentations. For free creative pitches try looking at another place. Petya believes in close cooperation and valuing of work.

*Confidential work
NDA is not welcomed. The goal is creating a nice project that helps clients sell, so hiding something well done doesn’t fit.

*Long term collaboration
In case you have a few projects, or your project needs more than a few weeks to be done, give us as much information as you can, like project start/end, if there are iterations to be done, people involved etc.